Thursday, 12 November 2009

What to write

I underestimated bloggers...they are able to come up with ideas for posts at will it appears...i have done one and a half posts and i am already stuck for inspiration. I didn't think i was this boring!!! A lot of my friends are able to take mundane topics and turn them round and write really witty posts about them...i can't do that...i don't have that kind of imagination or wit, if wit is what you call it, comes out of saying things that others won't...maybe i should write like that?? i'll have a think and come back


  1. Just write anything. Preferably without the constant '...' bits.

  2. Those bloody "..." bits!

    Nick, just be you. Excite us with some of your observations in the Andes.

  3. hahaha!! hi thanks for reading